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The Road to Perfection!

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Donair Pizza exclusive at the Grocery location!

A Bit of History

Halifax Original Donair is rooted in tradition. In the early 70's donair landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  

Its popularity exploded and it's now the official food of Halifax. 

Throughout the last 13 years the "Halifax" donair started spreading westward.


What is a donair? At first glance it looks like a heavier, beefier version of a gyro or souvlaki pita.  

Don't be fooled.  This wrap stands on its own - sweet garlic sauce, fresh tomatoes, crunchy onions and seasoned beef, all wrapped in a warm, fluffy pita.  


And where can you get the best donair?  ​Less than an hour's drive from downtown Toronto to Milton.  "Halifax Original Donair" started over 14 years ago, and is the perfect result of a blend of experience, passion, and perseverance.  Let's talk a little about that.

Once upon a time (yeah that's right, I said once upon a time) there were two BFFs.  Jimmy was from a traditional Greek background; his Dad one of the old school originators of the donair. Troy apprenticed under the original "King of Donair," perfecting his craft.  Jimmy and Troy worked the donair and pizzeria circuit across Canada for most of their lives, always dreaming of owning their own shop one day.

For over twenty years they worked hard to pay their bills and to save up to realize their dream.  Their careers took them across Canada.  They never stopped perfecting their future product, even cooking donairs for their coworkers to try.  During this time, Jimmy met Tina, the love of his life.  Troy met Nancy, Tina's sister and the love of his life.  The couples married, settled close together in Milton and started families.

With the support of their families, they ALL decided to take a leap of faith and fulfill their now shared dream of opening an authentic donair shop. In 2008, after years of searching, they found THE place, right in their own backyard - Milton. 


Tina and Jimmy head up the Milton store, and Nancy and Troy run the new retail shop located in the same plaza. They're living their dream, serving incredible food to incredible customers.  Anyone looking for downhome goodness drop on by.


The HOD Donair is simply the best thing you will ever eat!

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