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Cravings at your finger tips!

Delivery starting from $6.99!! 

Minimum delivery order of $50. Must reside in our delivery area.

Delivery available Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

Pick up available Tuesday to Saturday 11am-6pm.

Fresh Menu Items

All of our ingredients are cut fresh and prepared daily to give you the best flavourful experience you crave!


What is a Donair?

What is a donair? At first glance it looks like a heavier, beefier version of a gyro or souvlaki pita.  Don't be fooled.  This wrap stands on its own - sweet garlic sauce, fresh tomatoes, crunchy onions and seasoned beef, traditionally wrapped in a warm, fluffy pita.  


The "Sauce"

Our Donair sauce is the traditional East Coast recipe.

Yes it's Sweet!

What's A Donair?
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